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White Carbon Black for rubber(powder)

White Carbon Black for rubber(powder)

White Carbon Black for rubber(powder)

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Zhengji
Certification: ISO ISO/TS FAMI-QS TUV BV
Model Number: ZJ-355
Detailed Product Description

As an active filler, silica replaced carbon black reinforcing effect in rubber products, which can improve the mechanical properties of rubber products, abrasion resistance, and thermal properties of oil-resistant rubber products. It can also improve the tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance and flexibility of rubber products and tires. Different rubber and tire compounds should choose to use a different type of silica in order to obtain expected performance.

ZJ- "355" series is a traditional precipitated silica used as reinforcing filler in rubber industry, almost be used in all areas of rubber industry. The product is provided in the form of powders and granules. The main application for the passenger car tire tread. By using the combination with bifunctional organosilanes, it can achieve a very low rolling resistance and high wet grip. In other applications, it can provide higher reinforcing properties, make soles and other rubber products having high transparency. Also widely used in various adhesive systems.

ZJ- "355" series of silica products is required to join difunctional silane "Si 69", "Silicon 75" "Silicon 266" or "VP Si 363"  when used in the tread rubber. Use of diethylene glycol, triethanolamine and other basic accelerator can get better performance parameters.

ZJ-355 is powder-type products, ZJ-355MP is bead-based products, ZJ-355GR is granulated products. Physical properties of ZJ-355MP is stronger than ZJ-355, physical properties ZJ-355GR is stronger than ZJ-355MP, ZJ-355MP and ZJ-355GR is environmentally friendly products. The specific surface area of ZJ- "355" series are wide, that is for different applications, the fluctuations value of product formulations under same application in the specific surface area can be controlled in less than 10.

Application: radial tire, wear rubber, transparent soles

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