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Company Details:

Business Type : Manufacturer
Main Market : Worldwide
Brands : Zheng Ji Silica
No. of Employees : 230~350
Annual Sales : 200000000-300000000
Year Established : 2010
Export p.c : 30% - 40%
Fujian Sanming Zhengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. is the Chinese leading manufacture of  precipitated silica,  supplying a wide range of high-quality silica products, backed by research centre and professional service that is dedicated to fulfilling the specific demands of customers. We concentrate on the products development and improvement consistently, with the aim to provide customers with best economic value.
The annual capacity of precipitated silica (also known as silicon dioxide) is 60,000 tons, serving the diversified markets, including rubber, tires, feed, silicon gel, coating and et cetera. For the sodium silicate, one of the raw material of silicon dioxide, the annual capacity is 180,000 tons, ensuring the stability and high-quality of our products. In 2015, Zhengyuan’s more than 240 employees generated sales of around RMB 288 million. And around 25 percent of sales are generated outside China, providing convincing evidence that our business is global. 
Precipitated silica is a common chemical raw material, with chemical formula SiO2.nH2O. Used for natural rubber and synthetic rubber filler and reinforcing agent. It is widely used in the rubber and tire industry, can also be used as a carrier used in the food and feed industry, in chemicals, plastics, silicone rubber, paint, ink and other fields.
Model ZJ-333, ZJ-335, ZJ-355, ZJ-395 Those"3XX" series of high-quality silica products we manufacture are precipitated  for the rubber and tire, we also have products in three different form: powder, bead-shaped and block (Article), used in different rubber and tire formulations.

Model ZJ-516, ZJ-517, ZJ-518, ZJ-519, ZJ-520 Those "5XX" series are dedicated feed additive product, as a flow aid anti-caking agents and carriers in  many different types of feed additives.

Model ZJ-710, ZJ-720 Those "7XX" series are mainly used in translucent, transparent, common high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and other general rubber products and rubber seal products, sealants, plastic filler.

Model ZJ-910, ZJ-920 Those "9XX" series are mainly used in paint dispersant, anti-depressant or matting agents.


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Contact Person: Mr. Dai

Tel: 86-598-5636556

Fax: 86-598-5592777

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